Our Experience

ADGAS – Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company, United Arab Emirates

Upgrade HP Openview OVO Windows server 7.21 -7.5 to new version. Migration of agents and monitoring templates without interaction of service. Integration with HP Reporter.

Advisor to the Federation of Greek Banks

On co-operation with the Bulgarian Banking Institute and the Association of Commercial Banks of Bulgaria.

Aegean Airlines

The Greek air carrier for domestic & international flights we created the mobile application for the clients


Fresh installation HP Openview OVO Windows, HP Openview Performance Manager, HP Reporter ,HP OVIS Integration with HP Openview NNM. Monitor windows and Solaris servers. Monitor Active Directory and MS Exchange servers. Monitor databases Oracle and SQL servers, Monitor Power Supply Units through snmp traps and forward critical messages to HP Openview console.

ALGIDA – (Wall’s)

Installation - Bus STOP application for the consumers


Infrastructure, Application Monitoring


Fresh installation HP Openview OVO Windows, HP Openview Performance Manager, HP Reporter, Integration with HP Openview BAC. Monitor Windows and UNIX s servers. Monitor database Oracle, Sybase and SQL servers and Monitor critical SAP servers. Monitor custom application processes for the web banking services.


Installation and a MIND Control Application for their new products

American College – Educational research

Explored in depth the status, image and perceptions of ACT among relevant consumers (parents and prospective students) in Northern Greece. Formulated a competitive advantage strategy, and defined key messages and avenues of communication for the target consumers.

American Express

Strategic Business Unit Corporate banking, Private banking and corporate finance and treasury sales. Marketing, credit and analysis of banking relationships with major corporate and private banking clients

ANB – Arab National Bank (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

New Implementation of HP Operations Manager for Linux. Monitor Active Directory servers. Migration of configuration from OVO Unix to OM Linux.

ARCHIMEDES II – Environment

Environmental Evaluation of Urban Buildings and GIS Application in Problems of Distributed Pollution.

Asset Management business, managing money for invesors.

Asset Management business, managing money for invesors.

ATE (Agricultural Bank of Greece Group) – Asset Management Company S.A.

A banking network of 450 branches in Greece and the Balkans ATE Asset Management was acquired by the Piraeus Bank Group in June 2013

Bilateral and Multilateral Assistance to the country

Co-ordination: Bilateral aid programmes, advice on economic reform


Is the major renewable energy sources (RES) component of the largest construction group in Greece, ELLAKTOR SA, and has completed (2011) solar power projects of a total installed capacity exceeding 100 MW, making it one of the most successful solar power actors in SE Europe. The expert has provided advice on project structuring, construction and licensing of several major solar power projects.

Capilano University and Trinity Western University in Vancouver

Creation of courseware and securing of accreditation from regional accrediting agencies for a comprehensive series of courses in project management. Taught project management courses for Capilano University and Trinity Western University in Vancouver. Taught numerous certification preparation courses for certifications through the Project Management Institute and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) throughout the Greater Vancouver area. Provided professional training at corporate sites and governmental sites.

Celestyal Cruises – Strategic Customer research.

Supervised research in Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, with regards to the attitudes and practices of these consumers to the cruise product, and focusing on strategies that could generate preference for Celestyal Cruises options.

Co-ordinator: Bilateral aid programmes

Advisor on economic reform and vocational education

Coca Cola Company – Social impact

Brainstorming on corporate social responsibility activities, and their impact among young consumers. Exploring avenues of maximizing the impact of the “Regeneration” program of youth empowerment sponsored by Coca Cola.

Coca Cola S.A.

Can Manufacturing Company

Coca Cola S.A.

On behalf of OTE SA – Greek Telecommunication Carrier Infrastructure, Application Monitoring

Consultancy to investors planning to penetrate into Albania
Consultancy to Private Companies on Investment opportunities
Consultancy to the Albanian Ministry

Consultancy to the Albanian Ministry of Labour for the creation of Employment, Vocational Education and Training structures

Consultancy to the Greek employers association

Aiming at its co-operation development with Cypriot public authorities

Consulting Food Industry

Consulting services to medium sized Greek company in food industry, in the field of strategy, structural organization, financial MIS, human resources management and business development.

Contractor of Vontobel Bank Zurich

For HP Openview ITSM Project - Upgrading HP Openview NNM 8 to HP Openview NNMi 9. Configuration to monitor the Vontobel backbone networks.

Cosmote – Greek telecommunication company

Mobile and promotion application multiple time and events

Creation of Master degree level courses for Project, Risk, Quality

Creation of courseware and delivery of Master degree level courses project management, risk management, quality management courses in Athens.

DeAgostini – Educational products

Carried out extensive research in Russia into market opportunity for DeAgostini partworks (educational collection items distributed in kiosks). Explored and prioritized which collection themes would have maximum appeal in the Russian market.

DeLoitte – Health Care

Conducted a feasibility study related to health care. Identified “gaps” in the health care market, as well as opportunities. Defined strategic areas of interest for market entry, as well as conditions for a successful entrance.

Development & Restructuring Assistance

Medium and long-term analysis and projection of their development prospects according to announced and anticipated development plant.


Assistance to the new independent states former USSR.

DG V, National Co-ordination – Horizon Initiative

Social development/European Comission


Technical consultant

DG XIII, TELEMATICS (environment project REMSSBOT)

Technical consultant


Technical consultant

Diplomatic Academy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens Rector of the Diplomatic Academy supervised the training of young diplomats at the onset of their career with the Greek Diplomatic Service.

E.C. – Municipal Support Programs

Municipal Support Programme: West Bank & Gaza Strip, Water & Sewage Infrastructure

EBRD Giurgiulesti Oil Terminal project – Poti Grain Terminal project
Education – Networking

Established networking with institutions in France, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Cyprus, Croatia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Jordan.

Education – Networking

Established networking relations with Higher education institutions in Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Italy, France, Lithuania, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Cyprus, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan.

Education – Practical Training

Managed and implemented Measure 2.4a, “Practical training” for TEI students.

Education – School Designs

Designed an International School for Vocational training in Jordan, including facilities and courses.

EIYAPOE – Hellenic Foundation for Repatriation of Ethnic Greeks

Assignments in the Ministry of Foreign Affair the European Political Cooperation Desk, the Balkan Desk, the Minister’s Cabinet, the Crisis Management Service for Immigrants from the Western Balkans and the states of the Ex-Soviet Union, the Directorate for IT and Telecommunications (thereby decisively boosting the computerization of the Greek Foreign Service) and, finally, the Rectorate of the Diplomatic Academy, as described above.

ENOC –Emirates National Oil Company, United Arab Emirates

Implementation of Operations Manager for Linux and integration with NNM-I to monitor the infrastructure (Network) and servers. i.e. Active Directory and MS Exchange servers, databases: SQL servers.


Managing students Mobility programme Seminars in student mobility


Establishing and monitor department website

ETPA: Education

Upgrading of TEI Piraeus Library

ETPA: Education

Laboratory and Scientific Equipment of TEI Piraeus Faculty Departments.

ETPA: Education

Laboratory Equipment of TEI Piraeus

ETPA: Education

Construction of building floor annex to the library of TEI Piraeus

ETPA: Education

Construction of new Science Building for TEI Piraeus

ETPA: Education

Amphitheatres building of TEI Piraeus

Eurobank – Customer research: digital

User experience research on the m- banking application. Usage of state of the art user experience and user design research among Eurobank customers.

EUROBANK Business Services S.A.

100% Bank’s subsidiary providing services in Human Resources and salary field. Over than one billion euros generated income to the Bank. Yearly generated turnover to the Bank 10 billion euros on average.

External Evaluator for EDRUS 9608 Project

Educational Management in the Russian Federation


Fresh installation HP Openview OVO Windows, HP Openview Performance Manager, HP Reporter, Integration with HP Openview NNM. Monitor Windows and UNIX s servers. Monitor Active Directory and MS Exchange servers. Monitor databases Oracle and SQL servers. Monitor critical SAP servers.


Kinect Application, Installation as well as a competition game with prizes for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert


Fresh installation HP Openview OVO Windows, HP Openview Performance Manager, HP Reporter. Monitor infrastructure servers for truck loading in Athens .Monitor custom application processes. Configuration Service Tree to reflect the critical events.

Hellenic Railways

International studies on freight and passenger transit centers Business Development, Economic and Market Analysis, Transportation Studies, Creation Tourism Business, Business Plans, Business Profitability Studies, Energy Exploitation Transportation, Economic Development Forecasting, Cash Flow management, Preparation of Training Curricula / Manuals, Course Delivery.

HORIZON Programme

Co-ordinator of Negotiations with C.I.S. governments for organisation of the migration of 100.000 ethnic Greeks.


Division’s set up in all Human resources management areas: human resources policies, selection and hiring system, job description and evaluation, compensation and benefits system, performance management processes, employees’ training planning and execution, payroll calculation, human resources MIS.

International Airport – Duty Free Shop

Installation, Mobile Application for the shoppers & Website development

International Creation of Quality Management Courses

Creation of courseware and delivery of Master degree level courses project management, risk management, and quality management at universities in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai.

International Mutual Fund S.A., Athens, Greece

International Life Group of Companies

International Transport Agreements & Conventions

Project “Accession to/and Implementation by Ukraine of International Agreements and Conventions on Transport


Preparation of projects within the context of INTEREG II, co-operation with neighbor countries (Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey Cyprus etc)


Infrastructure Application Monitoring


Technical Support for the International Olympiad in Informatics on behalf of Ministry of Education.

IOI ATHENS 2004 – on behalf of Ministry of Education.

Technical Support for the International Olympiad in Informatics

Kaleidoscope Video, Training, and Technology, Inc.

Production & Direction of about 100 television documentarians focusing on alternative energy (e.g., recycling/repurposing, solar and wind power). Created PRISM, a federally recognized non-profit organization, won numerous awards for its highest quality television documentaries. Kaleidoscope Video, Training, and Technology, Inc., production and direction of corporate videos—serving as a for-profit partner with PRISM Media Agency [510 © 3].

L’Oréal – B2B brand research

Explored motives and barriers with regards to the use of L’Oreal hair care and hair coloring products among hair salon owners. The research led to a dynamic adoption strategy targeted to the hair salon owners.

Management Consultancy Banking

Management Consultancy in the consumer banking area and electronic payment systems in all major European markets

Master degree level course Creation

Creation of courseware and taught Master degree level courses project management, risk management, quality management, and supply chain/procurement in Universities.

Medical Assistance

Experience of the conditions, the particularities and the specific needs of NIS countries through research, teaching and training activities Medical Assistance (WHO, UNICEF & UNDP, TACIS Brussels

Metaxa (DIAGEO Group)

Installation and a mobile application for promotion of their products. Also created a competition with big winning prizes for the Eurovision contest 2016

Multi-modal Oil Transportation System

Aimed at the drafting of a feasibility study and at the negotiation and elaboration of the institutional, legal and contractual documents required for the establishment and operation of a Multi-modal Oil Transportation System of a 10 Mt/yr capacity from Kazakh and Azeri sources to Georgian ports in the Black Sea through an integrated transportation system involving railways, maritime transport and related port facilities.

National Commercial Bank (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Installation two HP Openview OVO Windows 7.5 servers, HP Openview Performance Manager, HP Reporter. Replication between the primary and backup Openview Servers and failover of nodes without interaction of service. Forwarding critical messages to HP OPENVIEW OVO UNIX Server. Monitor Active Directory and MS Exchange servers. Monitor databases Oracle and SQL servers.

Nestlé – Consumer trends

Studied ice cream consumption trends and especially the shifts in the on-the-go consumption of packaged ice cream. Identified trends with negative impact on the frequency of packaged ice cream consumption. Focused on elements that could reverse this negative trends and how these might be optimally implemented.

Network Shipping S.A.

Dry cargo ship management. A service provided o shipowners, covering all aspects of ship operations of dry cargo ships up to 70,000 TONS DWT

Network Shipping S.A.

Dry cargo chartering. A worldwide operation serving dry cargo shipowners, shippers and receivers for over 40 years.

North-South gas transit interconnections in Caucasus and Central Asia

Pre-feasibility studies and facilitation for development of the North-South gas transit interconnections in Caucasus and Central Asia

Participation in EU

Projects concerning Regional Development Plans, Conservation and Development Plans


Infrastructure, Application Monitoring

PEPSICO R&D Nutrition

Design and implement the People Strategy both for Europe R&D and Global R&D Nutrition with 800+ associates across 70 countries and 50+ locations Provided HR leadership and change management for the ongoing organisation development of all client teams. Diagnosed organization issues, develop solutions and implement action plans. Evaluate existing Sector / Region organization design and work with senior leaders to effect ‘best case’ design Lead HR business plans for Global R&D from both a strategic and tactical perspective. Align with global and sector HR function to ensure harmonized execution (e.g., compensation and benefits, job evaluation, incentive redesign etc.)

Piraeus Bank, Greece

Upgrade HP Openview OVO Windows server 7.21 -7.5 to new version. Migration of agents and monitoring templates Integration with OVIS .Configuration Service Tree for monitoring live web banking.

Piraeus Bank, Greece

Fresh installation HP Openview OVO Windows, HP Openview Performance Manager, HP Reporter. Configuration of OVO to monitor the Bank Branches. Monitor infrastructure Active Directory and MS Exchange servers. Monitor databases SQL servers.


eshop - Mobile Application - Website

Private Hospital YGEIA, Greece

Fresh installation HP Openview OVO Windows, HP Openview Performance Manager, HP Reporter, Integration with HP Openview BAC. Monitor Windows and UNIX s servers. Monitor databases Oracle server and Monitor critical SAP servers.

Project “Trans Caspian Black Sea Gas Corridor Study”

Economic and financial analysis of the above multi-modal transport routing. Technical studies of alternatives. Analysis of 3 scenarios for LPG transport from Kazakhstan to the Black Sea Ports and their impact on energy sector per country.

Project Co-ordinator for Tacis Project in Uzbekistan

Establishment of a Policy and Training Programme for Uzbekneftegas

Protocolle d’ Accord

Responsible for the implementation of the transnational Protocolle d’ Accord, aiming at the Cypriot training authorities support in their familiarisation to the European Union’s structures

Quality Control Web Design Program

Chairmanship of the Web Design Program

Reckitt Benckiser – New product research

Carried out extensive research into pest control products, in India, for their antiseptic brand. Explored consumer insights towards identifying key avenues for new product development areas, in pest control.

Rodopoulos S.A. (Agricaltural – Bioenergy)

Industrial Development for finance, auditing on the companies of the Group, as well as Feasibility Studies and Investment selection. Prefeasibility Study – Financial Engineering concerning the production of BIO-ENERGY out recycling agricultural and other relevant waste. Full Feasibility Study – Financial Engineering-Realization study for the production of organic carbon and BIO-ENERGY out of waste products.

Ship Building – Naval Architecture

Major ship conversion project India, Greece

Ship Building – Naval Architecture

Superintendence of new buildings in I.H.I. and MITSUI shipyards, Japan

Shipping Company with 40 dry Cargo and Tanker vessels

Management of all Group finances, Reconstruction of two cruise ships, Financial Planning, Financial engineering – Implementation – Commissioning, Vessel Operations

SONY Mobile M.E.A. (Middle East & S. Africa)

Developed and executed an internationally award-winning GTM strategy; secured the highest recognition and preference metrics across all Sony Mobile regions worldwide; winner of eight Dubai Lynx International Awards, M&M Global Media Award, MENA Cristal Award, and two Cannes Lions at the International Festival of Creativity.

SONY Mobile M.E.A. (Middle East & S. Africa)

Transformed the company’s digital/social media strategy and influencer programs by seamlessly merging the best of traditional ATL and BTL methodologies with world-class online engagement tactics; recognised by Twitter, Google and Facebook as best in class examples across the entire digital space.

SONY Mobile M.E.A. (Middle East & S. Africa)

Sun City and the magnificent The Palace of the Lost City Hotel welcomed 140 guests from Middle East & Africa, during this 4-day incentive-product launch event. Guests got to know what Mother Africa is all about: Walking together in the bush with lions, visiting traditional African tribe villages and interacting with the locals, or playing the drums around the fire pit under the full stars of Savanna night sky, are just a few of the activities that made this trip (according to clients testimonial) their best ever, giving us a score of satisfaction 100% !

Special Advisor to E.U.

Continuous visits since 1989 on development issues, social policy issues and Eastern European Countries issues as advisor in the Team of Foreign Minister or Prime Minister.

Spectrum S.A.

Original creator of Lloyds piracy cover, including loss of hire for ship owners, trading with Somalia

Spectrum S.A.

Trading transport organization of bulk sugar trading and other agricalture products Santos - Brazil to Mogadishu Soamalia to service baugging Plant.

Spectrum S.A.

Full stuff transport forward food program (World Food Program UN) for East Africa

Strategic Transportation Planning

Consulting Services for Preparation of a Strategic Transportation Plan for the Baku Metropolitan Region - EU Financed.

Super League Football Championship

Website - Mobile Application

Taurus Global Investment Ltd

Creation of Taurus Global Investment ltd an investment advisory company and creation of Sloan Convergence Fund ltd a fund specialized in stocks, FOREX, CFD’s and future programs.

TEDEX Greece

Created an installation with unique face recognition and Kinect experience application. Also a treasure hunt application inside the venue

TEI – Technical Education Institute

Monitoring Administration for the network and application servers of TEI

The Brain – international exhibition

An interactive exhibition that gives the visitor the chance to explore the fascinating universe of his own brain, its functions, components, great facilities and potentials.

The Genius of Leonardo – International Exhibition

Next Generation, one of Greece’s leading event organizers and producers, is proud to present “Leonardo: The Genius” to the international public in the world’s largest interactive exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, a unique and innovative event featuring 40 all-functioning, life-sized machines (1:1).

Toyota – Transport / Automotive Research

Explored motives and barriers with regards to Toyota’s hybrid models. Identified the psychographics of key consumer targets with an affinity to hybrid technology. Carried out extensive research into how consumers should optimally be approached and informed about the hybrid advantages.


Full P&L accountability for the €MM Personal Wash, Skin Care, Hair and Fabric Conditioner portfolios. Provided hands-on leadership across 33 culturally and politically diverse countries, driving regional and global alignment with Unilever worldwide brand (marketing, pricing, and messaging) strategies and financial objectives.


Established the first ever Unilever Foods category business in the GCC, initially opening up the market with the Knorr brand product range. Utilised extensive knowledge of cultural differences to ensure ingredient and manufacturing sensitivity.


Redefined approach to on and offline brand cohesion, and capitalisation of tangible consumer preference drivers; employed pioneering, multi-faceted channel management techniques that encompassed retail POS collateral, experiential road-shows to showcase state of the art Social Networking Site (SNS) integration as a user enhancement tool, innovative PR/early adopter campaigns, merchandising programs.

West Nav Trading Inc

Service to far east owners to parcel cargo from the far east to the Mediteranian Europe

ZOETIS Pharmaceutical

A very successful incentive in Sicily, for a pharmaceutical company and its Marketing & Sales reps. Lodged in an indulging hotel in Catania, guests experienced Sicily the out-of-the-box way. From trekking in lava fields up on Etna Mountain, to certification of “Pizzaiolo” ( Certified Pizza Maker) and chasing the “bad guys” during a team-building game in Syracuse, with authentic Sicilian culinary “pit stops” in the most characteristic local restaurants. At the end of the trip, guests were “transformed” to “Veri Siciliani” (true Sicilians) and enjoyed an authentic Cosa Nostra night.