Consults companies and organizations in event conception, creation and execution of events that motivate and reward their Human Capital in original ways with long lasting effects. He has a motto for his life: “The word I cannot do it does not exist in my vocabulary, only the word I want to do it or I don’t want to do it”. Big leading experience in dissimilar and divergent groups of people that they are under common task, capable to motivate them and to make them perform to the full of their abilities to serve the project purpose and the client’s needs. Natural leader and mentor with many years of experience and operation in various types of environment with people of various nationalities. Multitasking capability has travelled all over the world since 6 years old to more than 60 countries easily adapts in any type of environment. Handles crises and chaotic situations by organizing people to face the unexpected in complex projects. Cool under pressure with target focusing.