Who we are


DVK Consultants is a Business and Organizations consulting company founded in Europe in 1986.

We relocated the center of our international business in Dubai because of the advanced business infrastructure, the positive attitude the government and businesses hold for technology, particularly Digital, its strategic location as a regional hub, as well as the friendly tax environment which allows us to be competitive.

DVK is composed by a strong, high-level network of 52 permanent and associated Consultants, whose contribution and reliable services are provided in connection with the specific needs of each assignment or project.

The educational and professional background of DVK experts allows them to work for multi-disciplinary technical assistance packages and operate effectively in different cultural and social environments. Its consultants, characterized by their diversity, have learned to seamlessly work together, each contributing his/her specific knowledge, skills and experience. DVK  provides to the Client the services of each consultant free of Consulting Company overheads.

DVK provides international consulting services for the European Commission and other International Organizations as well as in country-specific consulting services, for both private and public sectors.

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