Co-ordinates the development & planning of intelligent products in ICT & Healthcare for the entire life cycle.Solves complex computational problems in Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Healthcare. A winner, awarded 11 times in national & international competitions.Received his M.Sc. in Bioinformatics with honors and scholarship ranked 2nd in Greece in the category “Engineering & IT Sciences”.In the past created mobile applications with his team that downloaded in more than 1.6 million devices. Creates ICT solutions with pixel – perfectionism and works well under pressure.Possess strong Research background with more than 30 scientific publications in conferences & peer reviewed journals.Well certified with 17 Technical certifications in IT (including: MSCE, MCSA, MCTS, MS, MSOMS, MSOE & MSOS). Demonstrated leadership skills founding two student NGOs managing more than 50 members at the same time.GET THINGS DONE, DELIVERING THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE CALIBRE AT THE LEAST AVAILABLE TIME WORKING COLLABORATIVELY AS ONE TEAM.

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