Innovator, planning of projects strategies, production and quality operations analyst with 20+ years of comprehensive experience in key sectors of project management, industrial operations analysis and quality assurance in Business Consulting, Education, and Food Engineering.  Creates and engineers easy to understand and apply solutions to perplexed projects, driving parties involved to growth and sustainability. A natural leader maturing to higher levels of management positions, who successfully has executed in a professional manner large, long life projects and now consults on them. An excellent team-player, with analytical skills to diagnose problems and advise on viable solutions. Possessing large experience in international projects and cooperation. Possesses solid reporting capability, enabling him to compose understandable, long life documents of high quality. Competent in multi-tasking to ensure that all the tasks are completed in a timely manner and high standards.

  • Always ready to collaborate and to transfer his knowledge to other participants of a team to reach a goal.
  • Ability to remain calm and work efficiently under pressure.


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